Email Marketing


Email Marketing

Do Companies Still Use Email Marketing?

To answer shortly, yes, but why do companies still use email marketing is the better question. With the constant growth of internet users why wouldn’t you use the internet to help market yourself? This very inexpensive way of advertising is often overlooked. There are many stores who use email marketing to promote sales both online and off. This tactic drives the buyers to make that purchase before the sale is over. Another big part of email marketing is you now have direct contact with your buyer. This is huge because you not only have contact with customers in your immediate area, but now you have access to customers across the globe. Best of all, there is no need to feel like you are spamming your customer’s emails because they can always unsubscribe to the email if they are no longer interested. There are many advantages to using email campaigns to market your company and here are a few.

  • Inexpensive
  • Promote Sales
  • Worldwide Reach
  • Highly Personal
  • Subscribe/Unsubscribe at Will
  • You Can Target Any Specific Market
Email Marketing

Effective Email Marketing

I’m sure we have all experienced spam or unwanted emails we aren’t interested in and those emails can be ineffective. At Zooliad, we are precise while marketing because we take into consideration your intended audience, your ideas and wants, and your website to ensure the content of your email will produce higher response rates and customer feedback. We not only take into consideration the context of the email, but also the design to make it appeal to the masses.

The first step is to get the customers interested enough to open your email and after years of experimenting and testing thousands of different subject lines and layout features, we have become experts in high open rates. Our effective email marketing designs have been proven to provide greater success rates in building and reaching more customers. Our team at Zooliad has years of marketing experience and know that the subject and content is equally important. Here are some email marketing services that Zooliad will provide for your business:

  • Email Delivery Management – It can be a challenge to get your emails into inboxes. We have you covered!
  • Newsletter Design – We design the emails for your campaign
  • Email List Management – We manipulate and load any of your lists
  • Tracking and Reporting – We will provide regular reports showing you everything you need to know, including email open rates, click-through rates and undelivered emails
  • Dedicated Email Server – If you will send a high number of emails each month, you need dedicated delivery
  • Newsletter Content – We will write effective copy for your newsletters
  • Quality Control – We make sure everything works, from the links and images to your landing page
  • Scheduling and Sending – Your emails will go out on time with high deliverability