Keyword Research


Keyword Research

Keyword Research Analysis

Simply put, keywords are what people use to find you online whether they use Google, Bing, or Yahoo; the proper keywords make all the difference. At Zooliad, we take the stress off your shoulders by figuring out which keywords will best promote your site. Our team has years of experience on what keywords and phrases are used most for specific businesses and industries.

At Zooliad, we offer a wide array of keyword research services:

  • Research possible sets of words, including those used by prospects and current customers.
  • Focus on all the main keywords, using them for PPC and SEO purposes
  • Research contextual words, including geo-targeting
  • Provide insight to your client’s target market
  • Explore terms based on competition
  • Determine the effectiveness of keywords and phrases
Keyword Research

Long Tail Keyword Research

At Zooliad, we also do something called long tail keyword research. This is when someone is looking for something specific online. For example, a basic search might be “sports” while a long tail search would be “professional teams who wear red, white, and blue.” This specific search will yield more precise results, which is great news for your business! People who are searching for things to that extent are usually looking to buy and that is the name of the game. Zooliad’s team of experts will find popular long tail keywords for your industry. This is how:

  • Search for expert longtail keywords for your website
  • Conduct word streaming for group longtail keywords
  • Evaluate keywords with AdWords Grader for optimal results
  • Make the most of your paid search campaigns by using longtail keywords so that you pay less yet reap a high return or your investment
  • Ensure that your website is personalized and provides proprietary information, and yields highly accurate results
Keyword Research Analysis

Keyword Services

At Zooliad, we’ll give you effective keywords to bring in continued revenue in the following categories:

  • Comparison-based keywords (e.g. Apple vs. Android)
  • General keywords (e.g. cell phone)
  • Product and brand-specific keywords (e.g. iPhone, Apple phone)
  • Location keywords (e.g. cell phone)
  • Call to action keywords (e.g. buy cell phone)
Long Tail Keyword Research