Forte Build
Forte Build

Technology used on the project

  • Custom Dynamic CMS
  • Ideal for platform integration
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Data Mining
  • Search Engine Optimization

Project Notes and Description

Forte Build and Design is a company that offers exceptional workmanship and service at a price that fits your budget. They are the preferred choice for all residential and commercial remodeling and construction projects throughout Los Angeles County.

THE CHALLENGE: Forte Build and Design wanted a website that would showcase their expertise in residential and commercial contracting. They wanted the whole package and were looking for a new marketing technique to one up the competition. In order to make their company number one, Forte Build and Design needed the latest in web marketing to outshine their competitors. Starting off as a small company they were wanting to grow and expand their business as well as define them as a professional construction company.

THE SOLUTION: To get Forte Build and Design looking as eminent as their work, we created a new website that is easy to navigate, visually appealing, and responsive on all devices. Our dedicated marketing team used strong call-to-actions to appropriately navigate prospective customers and turn them into clients. At the end of our work, we had provided Forte Build and Design with a sleek look and unique brand.

Forte Build