Technology used on the project

  • Custom Dynamic CMS
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Worldwide users
  • Easy to update
  • Ideal for platform integration

Project Notes and Description

Mortgageboon is a resource for connecting mortgage brokers and bankers with people like you that are looking for help with a mortgage. They have helped numerous clients obtain affordable mortgages with the best possible terms.

THE CHALLENGE: Mortgageboon needed a website that would exemplify their abilities and show them as a leader in their industry. Starting from scratch, the design was based on the ideas of building a website that would be able to keep up with their rapid expansion. They wanted the ability to go nationwide and track mass email campaigns to build a database. They needed a dynamic web page for each location throughout the US. To aid with their expansion they needed a website that used the latest marketing technology. As a leading company they wanted a personalized website that would drive in traffic.

THE SOLUTION: We built a website that met all their expectations. We made sure to create a completely custom website for our client. We created a visually pleasing and easy to navigate website that is responsive on all devices. Our marketing team mined for data and researched the best possible keywords to attract the most customers. For Mortgageboon we set up a mail server to be able to send up to 20,000 emails per hour and track their performance. During the process we created an admin section to manage the entire site so our clients at Mortgageboon can make changes as they see fit.