iOS App Design


iOS App Design

What You Need to Know About iOS Apps

As of May 2015, there were 94 million iPhone users in America. Studies have shown that the average person spends around nine hours per day on electronic devices and most of that time is devoted to a smartphone. With more online shopping via smartphone, the need for a great looking app arises. And this is where Zooliad comes in.

How We Develop iOS Apps

We will completely design your custom app to have a user-friendly interface. This will help your customers navigate your app and keep their focus and attention. Let’s use Las Vegas as an example; on the strip everything is much higher priced than off the strip. Why? Because everyone wants to stay on the strip for the sights from their rooms and are bound to spend tons of money on said strip. An effective website design works in the same fashion. Once your app is completely designed and customized to your liking, we will take the time to fully familiarize you with the app. With competitor’s apps already on the market, you don’t want to fall any further behind and with over a billion downloads from the iOS app store to date, what is going to make your app stand out on the market? Contact Zooliad today at 951-595-8220.

Here at Zooliad, we will design an app that will compete with the other appson the market and put you in the driver seat. Our goal is to maximize your success and keep moving your business forward!

iOS App Design

Advantages of An iOS App

  • iPhone users are more likely to make purchases on their phone.
  • iPhone users are 15% more likely to visit online retail sites.
  • iOS is the most popular operating systems platform in the world of mobile apps.
  • iOS has a more secure database.
  • iOS is consistent across all Apple devices and easy to update when a new version comes out.
  • IOS device users seriously buy apps. They are ready to pay for good apps.
  • Over 1 billion Apple devices are active worldwide
What You Need to Know About iOS Apps