Collaborate with a seasoned team to bring your product to market.

Our streamlined process guides you from a simple napkin sketch to the realization of a fully developed mobile app or web app in just three essential steps. And from there, you have the freedom to keep building upon your achievements.
Collaborate with a seasoned team to bring your product to market.

The SolutionLab

Much like the intricate process of constructing a personalized home, creating custom software involves a multitude of critical decisions. Think of SolutionLab as the equivalent of enlisting an architect to meticulously design your future custom home even before a contractor lays the foundation. This comprehensive blueprint ensures that your team of designers and developers remains aligned and focused on the same goals.
How do you know where to begin?

How do you know where to begin?

The challenge with custom software lies in the variation of cost estimates you receive when presenting your app concept to multiple firms, ranging from $50,000 to $500,000. How can you be certain you’re making the most informed choice? That’s precisely why we commence by comprehensively grasping your objectives. Subsequently, we pinpoint the most streamlined approach to address your needs, ensuring no crucial elements are overlooked
Adhere to the principles of the 'lean startup' approach.

Adhere to the principles of the 'lean startup' approach.

Consider addressing the transportation challenge of moving from Point A to Point B. Unless you possess substantial financial resources, creating a car company from the ground up would likely be prohibitively expensive. Furthermore, your potential customers may not have a demand for or interest in owning a car. That’s why we initiate the process with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to attract paying customers from the outset.

SolutionLab output

The SolutionLab provides you with a comprehensive plan that outlines the precise attributes and operations of your software project, documented both in written and visual formats. This encompassing plan encompasses an examination of your app or website’s business model, identifies potential challenges to address before proceeding, and presents a clear roadmap detailing the time and financial investments necessary to realize your project.

Web design & prototyping

Gain the support and approval of future users and stakeholders by utilizing an interactive prototype to ensure that your project aligns with their needs and expectations.
Design & prototyping output

Design & prototyping output:

You will possess a complete simulation of your digital product, showcasing the precise appearance, user experience, and functionality of each screen. Every individual screen of your app or website transforms into an interactive prototype. Whether you choose to install it on your mobile device or share a link, this prototype serves as a valuable tool for securing investments from potential investors, garnering validation from prospective users, and gathering feedback from stakeholders. Armed with this support, you can confidently dive into the development phase.


This is where the coding process takes place. We implement the Agile methodology to divide projects into manageable Sprints. This approach enables us to conduct ongoing testing of essential features and provides consistent progress reports. Each week, you’ll have visibility into completed tasks and a clear understanding of what’s on the horizon.
Development output

Development output:

Your fully functional and deployable app or website is prepared to welcome users, fulfill its designated purpose, and generate income. We provide individual cost estimates for each feature, allowing you to anticipate the expenses associated with adding desirable features in subsequent iterations. This approach also guarantees that your initial version encompasses all essential functionality while remaining within your budget.

Maintenance & Iteration

Informed by analytics and input from your product’s user base, our primary objective will be to enhance customer satisfaction and increase engagement. User feedback plays a pivotal role in determining the priority of new features and improvements as we manage the backlog.

Maintenance & Iteration output:

Frequent integration of improvements gradually refines and enriches your app or website. The addition of new features maintains user engagement and ensures your business continues to thrive, as your product becomes increasingly valuable with each passing day.